Back to School Worries? We can help!

Back to School Worries? We can help!

At Smith Family Chiropractic, we realize back to school time can be stressful for parents and children!  We would like you to know we can help as you make this transition.  Check out some of the services we offer for children that you maybe weren’t aware of.

Neurological support for reading, learning, and attention
Our doctors specialize in functional neurology.  With their specialized training our doctors will complete, quite arguably, one of the most thorough exams your child has ever had.  Then, we will test them with our cutting edge diagnostic technology.  With the information obtained from these exams our doctors are able to assess which part of the brain is not working correctly, or where the brain is not communicating optimally.  They will then prescribe a specific rehabilitation program that forces the brain to repair/rebuild that part of the brain.

High quality nutritional support for health and brain function
It’s true, our children do not eat as well as they should.  It’s also true that the nutrients we give them make a big difference.  At Smith Family Chiropractic, we offer only the best in quality and the support you need to go along with it.  We carry items for general health, gut/digestion health, immune support, and brain health.  Stop in and ask our staff today what is best for your child to help them succeed in school.

Chiropractic support for injuries and wellness
We often underestimate the benefit of consistent chiropractic care for our children.  With all of their activity they take multiple falls, which often causes misalignment.  Rather than having your children just get ‘used to’ feeling this way, bring them in to see us for repair.  We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with the thorough care they get at each visit.

Performance enhancement for athletes
With our doctors’ training in functional neurology and the specialized testing equipment we have, we are able to identify inefficiencies in athletes’ brains.  For instance, maybe there is one corner of the net that your hockey player can never quite hit as efficiently as the other corners, no matter how much he/she practices.  Or maybe, they just can never quite make that shot in the hoop from one side of the court.  With our methods, we may help you see it is not due to lack of practice, but instead a brain inefficiency that can be corrected.

Sports physicals
These types of physicals often seem like one more nuisance to prepare for school.  However, at Smith Family Chiropractic, our doctors will make this worth your while.  They will thoroughly examine your student to be sure they are ready to play.  Give us a try, we promise you will be surprised!

Nutrition counseling for children and families
Now that we are in the season of more routine, often our meal times are re considered.  We can help you and your family as little or as much as you’d like.  Sometimes patients come to us with a disease process in place that they’d like to manage with nutrition, and other times, they just want to improve function and health with nutrition.  Whatever your case is, we can help!

Concussion care and rehabilitation
After our doctors completed their post graduate studies in Functional Neurology, they spent three more years in more post graduate studies specific to Concussion Care with Functional Neurology.  So, if you suspect your child has had any type of head injury, even if you are not sure how severe, we can help.  Our doctors will perform a thorough exam and do extensive testing, then offer a rehabilitation program specific to your child.  See us today, if your child has had an injury!

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