Garden, Harvest, Prepare. Why Not?

Garden, Harvest, Prepare. Why Not?

At our house we work hard to grow what we eat, and prepare what we eat!  So, last week I went to the backyard to gather most of our food for the evening from our garden.  I was yet again amazed at the nutritious food the earth can produce.  Then, I diligently set about washing the items harvested and began to prepare them.  As I was preparing these items, it gave me great fulfillment to watch a nutritious meal come together, all the way from seed to plate.

During this process I thought, why not?  Why not prepare a meal that is nutritious, pleasing to the eye, and worthy of smell-o-vision?  Why not reduce the quantity and focus on the quality?  Why not, focus on nutrition, instead of filler?  Why not, entice your God-given senses instead of just fill the gut with garbage?

So, is it work to garden, harvest food, and prepare meals?  You bet!  But when you experience all the benefits of eating this way and the fulfillment that comes from this labor, you will become addicted too.

This is what gardeners do.  They don’t do it because its their hobby they do it because it’s their life!  Because at the end of the day, Food Matters!  So why not find your fulfillment in the meal you prepare and the food you eat?

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