Is Your Food Dead or Alive?

Is Your Food Dead or Alive?

Do you find yourself getting frustrated when you throw food away because it has gone bad?

Although you may be frustrated and feel like you have created waste, you should also feel reassured to know that you have food that actually spoils. We will call this alive food.

If you leave food out on the counter and it never goes bad, we will call that dead food.

Alive food grows in the dirt, or on trees, or at one time ate grass and walked on legs or swam in water. Dead foods on the other hand, “is a series of synthetically derived ingredients that are mixed together into something that tastes okay, has a long shelf life and actually does more harm than good to our health” (Raupp).

Over the past few decades, these dead foods have become the staple of many American’s diets. “As such, we have seen an incredible rise in modern diseases like diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, infertility, cancer, and more” (Raupp). These two events are more than mere coincidence.

So make a decision to eat living foods, foods that actually decompose. Although this may seem like a daunting task, start small. Make a goal to have one meal every day contain only living foods. As you attain that goal add another meal or snack to the living foods category.

Also, take advantage of this time of year. It’s harvest season, so use your garden or find a local CSA that allows you to harvest their crops and fill your freezer with living foods for the winter.

Finally, contact us at Smith Family Chiropractic, and we will help you earn optimum health with a healthy lifestyle. We offer coaching and a customized plan to help you eat living food and feel your best!

Source: Raupp, Aimee. To Your Health. Vol. 06, Issue 08

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