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At Smith Family Chiropractic, our doctors manage chronic and seemingly unsolvable neurological and health conditions with a brain-based functional neurology approach.  We also offer exceptional traditional chiropractic care and nutritional counseling and coaching.  No matter your condition, it is our goal to improve each patient’s quality of life.

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10 Minute (or more) Total Body Workout

This workout is best used on days you are short on time.  After all, a quick workout is better than no workout! How it works: This workout is based on the idea the intensity is more important than duration.  Below you will see two sets of seven exercises.  More 

Back to School Worries? Check out all the ways we can help!

At Smith Family Chiropractic, we realize back to school time can be stressful for parents and children!  We would like you to know we can help in many ways as you make this transition.  Check out some of the services we offer for children that you maybe weren't aware of. More 

Garden, Harvest, Prepare.  Why Not?

At our house we work hard to grow what we eat, and prepare what we eat!  So, last week I went to the backyard to gather most of our food for the evening from our garden. More

Is Your Food Dead or Alive?

Do you find yourself getting frustrated when you throw food away because it has gone bad?  Although you may be frustrated and feel like you have created waste, you should also feel reassured to know that you have food that actually spoils.  We will call this alive food. More

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