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At Smith Family Chiropractic, our doctors manage chronic and seemingly unsolvable neurological and health conditions with a brain-based functional neurology approach.  We also offer exceptional traditional chiropractic care and nutritional counseling and coaching.  No matter your condition, it is our goal to improve each patient’s quality of life.

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Do You Have A Concussion?

A concussion has often been called the invisible injury since it doesn't have visible wounds and doesn't always come with the same set of symptoms.  It can be frustrating to describe your injury or symptoms to others since they may not understand.  For you however, you know something is wrong and you don't enjoy the same quality of life you did before the injury or event that triggered your symptoms.  At Smith Family Chiropractic, we help patients in this situation all the time.  It is our goal to use objective testing to better understand the injury and offer rehabilitation to improve your quality of life. Read More

Concussions and Base Line Screening.  How do we MEASURE baseline brain function?

Check out the details below to learn more about the FREE baseline screening event we will be hosting.  The information below describes all the testing methods we utilize in our treatment and screening. Read More

Concussion...The Invisible Injury

Many patients come to us after a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion with a very wide array of symptoms. Some have difficulty with balance, dizziness, nausea, migraines, brain fog, fatigue, change in vision, inability to concentrate or perform simple tasks, change in personality, loss of taste/smell, irritability, and depression, just to name a few.  The problem is that the injury seems invisible to the patient and to those around them.  If you have a broken leg, lacerated arm, or torn ligament, the injury is obvious and a standard course of care is completed.  With a concussion however, we cannot see and quantify the injury, and since each injury affects a different part of the brain, a different course of care is needed.  Read More